The Survivor Chronicles: The Risen - Erica Stevens

The Survivor Chronicles: The Risen Ebook Download

By Erica Stevens

  • Release Date: 2015-04-01
  • Genre: Horror
Score: 5
From 63 Ratings


*****This book is the final compilation and the conclusion to an ongoing serial story. This series must be read in order.*****

With new challenges and threats arising every day, the survivors struggle to reach their destination in the hopes of finding somewhere safe to stay. Along the way allies will become enemies and startling answers will be uncovered that will rock the very foundations of who they are. As the world continues to change around them, they begin to realize it is not who they were, but what they will become that matters the most in their frightening new world. Find out who will survive in the exciting conclusion to The Survivor Chronicles.

***Due to language and graphic content this book is recommended for readers 17 and older.***

Recommended Reading Order for this Complete Series:
The Upheaval: Book 1
The Divide: Book 2
The Forsaken: Book 3
The Risen: Book 4

Edited by Leslie Mitchell at G2 Freelance Editing.

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  • Scary

    By Avsuds80
    This series was scarier than any other book I’ve read...including King.
  • Great Read

    By Fan-not
    I really enjoyed this series of books. They were thought provoking and the books breathed life in the characters. Thank you for writing this series for all your readers enjoyment.
  • Thank you

    By Tejanogrande
    Thank you for this grand adventure. From the first word to the last you led me on a road filled with all the emotions a person could experience. Along the way I met, lost, and kept friends that were truly more than characters in a book. The world you created will live for many years to come in both my mind and heart.
  • It just fits ...

    By Jamieelizabeth77
    The ending to this truly fantastic series fits so very well. Erica Stevens writes a completely different story with each series, and this one is no different. The cause behind the terrible events that brought these people together weren't the true focus of the story. So often, the cause isn't the most important thing - it's what we do to survive the circumstances we find ourselves in. I didn't allow myself to read the chapters as she posted them on Facebook because I knew I would struggle not to finish the story at my own pace. It must be hard for Erica to say goodbye to such a wonderful group of characters, but I truly believe her timing was perfect ... the ending was perfect ... all of it just "clicked" so well. I'm left with that melancholy feeling I always have when I finish a truly fantastic series, and although I will miss them, it all feels so right. Thank you, yet again Erica, for sharing a story that swept me up and connected to my heart. You truly have a gift!
  • The Survivor Chronicles: the Risen

    By All the way.
    Absolutely loved this series, couldn't wait for The Risen to be released. I live and work in Orange County NY so it was an added bonus that familiar locations were in the book. Grew to love the characters and how they handled all they went through. Pattie Lovelace Middletown NY
  • The Survivor Chronicles-Erica Stevens

    By Mag881
    WOW! This was the best series I have read thus far and I have read a few "Last Days" books. The books are exciting, heart wrenching, romantic and so well written that you grow to love the characters and feel as if you're there with them. This end of the world story deals with real people, although I do love when there are those that have special powers, these people are like you and I so it really feels real. I loved the last book "The Risen" best because of the conclusion. I can't wait to read her other series.
  • Brilliant!

    By Klsfm
    I read this on the author's blog. This series is addictive. I enjoyed reading every chapter. The characters are well developed and I can't help but have my favorites. Do yourself a favor and read this series from start to finish. You can thank me later.