Something in the House - D. L. Lewis

Something in the House Ebook Download

By D. L. Lewis

  • Release Date: 2014-11-22
  • Genre: Horror


A group of excessively rich horse-people are trapped together at a remote California estate during the El Niño event of 1998. A killer lurks amongst them.

The author (me or I) lives in northern California with a cello, five indoor cats, four outdoor feral cats, and a crow named Harold. She or he (many reviewers get confused about my gender) can be reached at and will be happy to reply to all communications whenever he or she can take time out from cleaning litter boxes. Five indoor cats do an incredible amount of pooping and peeing. I - oh, it's me - pretend I'm Professor Carter digging through the Egyptian sands for lurking chunks of ancient treasure as I gently prod forward through the dust with my metal scoop . . . Glory Hallelujah, there's another dark prize!