What the Hell Did I Just Read - David Wong

What the Hell Did I Just Read Ebook Download

By David Wong

  • Release Date: 2017-10-03
  • Genre: Horror
Score: 5
From 33 Ratings


It's the story "They" don't want you to read. Though, to be fair, "They" are probably right about this one. To quote the Bible, "Learning the truth can be like loosening a necktie, only to realize it was the only thing keeping your head attached." No, don't put the book back on the shelf -- it is now your duty to purchase it to prevent others from reading it. Yes, it works with e-books, too, I don't have time to explain how.

While investigating a fairly straightforward case of a shape-shifting interdimensional child predator, Dave, John and Amy realized there might actually be something weird going on. Together, they navigate a diabolically convoluted maze of illusions, lies, and their own incompetence in an attempt to uncover a terrible truth they -- like you -- would be better off not knowing.

Your first impulse will be to think that a story this gruesome -- and, to be frank, stupid -- cannot possibly be true. That is precisely the reaction "They" are hoping for.

John Dies at the End's "smart take on fear manages to tap into readers' existential dread on one page, then have them laughing the next" (Publishers Weekly) and This Book is Full of Spiders was "unlike any other book of the genre" (Washington Post). Now, New York Times bestselling author David Wong is back with What the Hell Did I Just Read, the third installment of this black-humored thriller series.


  • Another Masterpiece by David Wong

    By ZuHone
    It’s not the same, but it’s more of what we asked for as fans. It’s not nearly the breadth of the story of JDATE, but it’s the same quick witted humor, optimistically nihilistic, crass, terrifying writing that I came to know and love in the first two books in this series. David Wong has created an evil multiverse that I want to be a part of, documenting its triumphs and failures of the human experience.
  • Best spiritual guide book since the Necronomiron!

    By Harrison Yarbrough
    Since reading this book my relationships have improved, my checking account has blown up, and even my love life has hit a new level of fulfillment I never thought possible. You owe it to those that you love to read this...especially if most of them already dislike you. Hurry up with Chapter Four Wong!
  • Friggin amazing

    By Nny1001
    Read this twice since it came out. I find more and more about the story I missed on the first go around. When are we getting the next movie!!!!!
  • What the Hell Did I Just Read

    By SLOMagpie
    David Wong delivers another great read. I couldn't put it down. Every time I finish one his novels i just want the next. So if you love horror novels. Yet also enjoy laughing at the poop in your underwear after they scare you. Then this book is for you.
  • Just buy it

    By Josh frost
    A fun read as always. Read it. Read all three if you haven’t yet. This has been my favorite series since I first caught wind of the first book and I’m always looking forward to more from the author.
  • I just got it!

    By kevinism66
    Thanks again Jason, can't wait to read it!
  • Excited for more awful d**k jokes

    By Tyler.Yox
  • great book

    By Amy, Robert, Kiari, James
    Can't wait for JDATE4!